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Every night there are homeless children in the United States being where housed in filthy city shelters, foster homes, attics, and basements with extreme Bed Bug Infestations.
Your purchase of a “Bag4Babies Awareness Volunteer T-Shirt”, will not only protect a Homeless Child, but also your children, family and friends!”     
When you purchase a Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover from us, our company  will Donate a FREE Bed Bug Bag to a Homeless Baby living in a Bedbug infested city shelter. Some children are being bitten by bedbugs 60 to 300 bites in one night! - Babies are an easy feed for bedbugs
Undercover photos of homeless babies with Bed Bug Bites – courtesy of BedBugHealthDept.org  
The following is undercover videos using micro video lens cam that was smuggled inside a City Shelter for Homeless Babies and children by some of the staff. Up close Videos of Bed Bugs Feeding on the Face and Necks of babies and children.
YOU can save a baby starting TONIGHT from bedbugs and a life time of bedbug scars some bites leave on their skin.
 Bed Bug Bites and Scars ....
bedbug pictures courtesy of theBag4Babies.org
Homeless & Abandon Babies and Children living in some of the most Bed Bug Infested City Shelters in the United States and thanks to your help we try to send out as many Free Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to them as we can 
Our other important Outreach Programs….
Appalachia Bag Project.org
Bag  Johns the the Bed-Bug Bag Prostitution + Hotels/Motels + Bed Bugs = Public Health Hazard
What most local and state public health departments are finding is that most of the hotel/motels that prostitutes offer their services out of have a extensive bed bug infestation problem. What they are  finding is that when a customer (or “John” which they are often called) use the services of a prostitute in one of these hotel/motels infested with bed bugs, they often bring the bed bug problem back to their families, thereby helping to spread the bed bug problem in that local community. In fact, if a “John lives in an apartment building, co-op, condo, etc…. he can infect that whole floor and the floor above and below his with bed bugs. Now multiply that with the number of times that John goes to visit that prostitute/motel every weekend.
The costs of getting rid of the bed bugs sometimes falls on the John’s landlord, condo board and the city if that John lives in Public housing. Now city health departments, law enforcement and bed bug websites like BedBugHealthDept.info are working together to try to stop the spread of bed bugs from prostitution/motels. We at Bed Bug Bag Company are looking at the effect it is having on children once the John brings the bed bug problem back to that apartment building. That is why we set-up the “Bag the Johns” program to offer free Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to families who can’t afford the cost of getting rid of their bed bug problem all because of the John living next door.
These are the little ones that John’s effect when they bring the bed bugs back home from bed bug infested seedy prostitute motels… 
Some of the children below with Bed Bug Bites are the children of the “Johns” or children who live next to the Johns.
A word about BedBugHealthDept.info When a “John” is arrested for patronizing or soliciting for prostitution, BedBugHealthDept.info sends a postcard with his mug shot photo of him to his family informing them that he was arrested for using the services a prostitute at a hotel/motel with a bed bug infestation problem and that he might have brought the bed bugs back home with him. The postcard also has the photo of the prostitute, name of the hotel/motel and a website address where they can find affordable bed bug services.
Example of a recent postcard sent (click to enlarge).
This same postcard(s) with the same info is also sent to the Johns apartment building tenets, condo owners, co-op owners and his job employer because bed bugs can quickly spread to those places fast. Some of the Johns are Collage or High School Students – Postcards are also sent to these institutions also. For example, Collage president, High School Principal and Teachers  
Side Note: Mr. Zane (above) brought the bed bugs back to the Senior Citizen housing he was living in, costing the management over $150.000.00 to get rid of the Bed Bug Infestation.
The Bed Bug Bag Company provides free bed bug mattress covers to homeless Men, Women and Teens living on the street, on the subway and in City Sewer Tunnels. According to a recent report just out, 60 to 85 % of the street homeless population carry Bed Bugs which make it a public health risk for ALL Of US who travel on public transportation(for example, subways and bus stations). According to BedBugHealthDept.info, 75% of the New York City Subway trains carry bed bugs. The homeless are known to sleep over night in subway trains and bus stations and when the millions of people start there commute, the bed bugs are passed on to them. We are seeing more and more homeless/runaway teens in the U.S.A living in “Sewer Homes” (homes in city sewage drainage tunnels) in New York, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas and other urban cities. Many of the female teens are giving birth to babies inside theses tunnels with means they will also be victims of bed bugs, which runs ramped in such places.  
The Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers being used by homeless living in “Sewer Homes” (homes set-up by the homeless in city sewer drainage tunnels). The “Special” Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers that we provide them are waterproof to protect them from water and “raw” sewage in the tunnels.
Providing Free Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers Homeless sleeping In the Streets…
Sleeping In the City Subways……
Sleeping In City Sewer Tunnels……
Homeless dealing with Bed Bugs & Rats in the New York City Subways (Video)…
For the homeless living in Subways the Rats would often Bite & Chew through our “Special” Bed Bug Bag Covers we would provide them. Homeless Adults and Teens living in the New York City Subway system would often suffer deep Rat bites as well as Bed Bug bites on their skin. That is why we just came out with a new Bed Bug Bag Cover that is Rat & Bed Bug Proof. This special Bed Bug Bag covers their entire body from head to toe and a homeless person is able to walk with our Bed Bug Bag on. Large subway Rats are no longer able to chew through the bag and the Bed Bug Bag will kill any Bed Bugs that a homeless person has on their clothes once they get inside the Bed Bug Bag. 
Video of rats crawing all over a homeless Teen sleeping in a New York City Subway Station...
the Bed Bug/Rat Bag
Please Note: The “special” Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers that we provide to the homeless is Not Available For Sale to the General Public.
Appalachia Mountains, the oldest mountains in America are rich in natural beauty with their raging creeks, steep hollows and old pines. The Appalachia Mountains are also one of the poorest, most disadvantaged regions in America. Appalachia has up to three times the national poverty rate, an epidemic of prescription drug abuse, the shortest life span in the nation, toothlessness, cancer and chronic depression. Appalachia also has the highest rate of Bed Bug Infestations in the United States. 60 to 80% of the babies and children receive an average of 30 to 110 bed bug bites nightly. We at the Bed Bug Bag company provide free Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers babies, children and adults living in the mountains Appalachia. We are able to do this by using part of the sales we make from selling Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers. That is why we ask you to plase purchase a Bed bug Bag Mattress Cover Now. Even if you don’t have bed bugs it is still good to protect yourself from bed bugs…. You never know who will move next door to you with bed bugs or who will visit you with bed bugs.
Mattress Cover
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When you purchase and ware your t-shirt, it makes people aware of what is happening to homeless babies living in bed bug infested shelters. Your purchase helps pay the cost of shipping bed bug covers, pest control supplies to help end this nightly and painful suffering to homeless babies and children. That is the best way to volunteer – We Need Volunteers!
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