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...A Word About Street Vendors

Street Vendor Support Dept.

Our sales department noticed a 80% increase in the number

of street vendors ordering our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers,

which took us by surprise because we have never focused on

this market.  We have never even thought about doing

anything with this market. 

Street vendors are selling our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers at a rate of between 5 to 30 Bags a day!
What do all these successful street vendors have in common? They all followed our instructions carefully. They placed our mini posters on all sides of their tables. They also promote heavily our Bag4Babies program by passing out our flyers, especially to women. The response is strong; in fact the response is so strong that street vendors are now beginning to just specialize in selling only our Bed Bug Bag Mattress covers their by tripling their daily profits!
Mattress Cover
“the only mattress cover in the world in which the inner lining is treated with 100% organic Fresh Water , Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  formula that controls & kills Bed Bugs                   
Order Your Bag Now! EPA  100% Natural Formula
#1 Product with Street Vendors
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