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With the Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover Organic Formula, you will never need to evacuate your home, apartment hotel or shelter. It is safe for children and pets. Unique formula is pesticide exempt under FIFRA 25(b) German Pest control experts call it the "Labor Saver" with it's unique bed bug control ability.

“We Care About the


Are children more sensitive to diatomaceous earth than adults? Children may be especially sensitive to pesticides compared to adults. However, there are currently no data to conclude that children have an increased sensitivity specifically to diatomaceous earth. What happens to diatomaceous earth in the environment? Silicon is a major component of diatomaceous earth. It is the second most abundant element in soils. It's a common component of rocks, sands, and clays. It is also abundant in plants and plays a role in their growth and development. Due to its chemical makeup, diatomaceous earth is not degraded by microbes or by sunlight. Also, it does not emit vapors or dissolve well in water. The ocean contains vast amounts of diatomaceous earth. Many marine organisms use it to build their skeletons. Can diatomaceous earth affect birds, fish, or other wildlife? Diatomaceous earth is practically non-toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates. It is commonly encountered by birds and other wildlife, and it's not known to be harmful. However, no toxicity evaluations for wildlife were found. Agencies have stated that diatomaceous earth is unlikely to affect birds, fish, or other wildlife in a harmful way. Diatomaceous earth is made of silicon dioxide. When chickens were fed a diet that contained less silicon dioxide than normal, their bone formation was harmed. This suggests that silicon dioxide plays an important role in bone formation. Where can I get more information? For more detailed information about diatomaceous earth please visit the list of referenced resources or call the National Pesticide Information Center, Monday - Friday, between 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM Pacific Time (10:30 AM to 6:30 PM Eastern Time)
NPIC fact sheets are designed to answer questions that are commonly asked by the general public about pesticides that are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). This document is intended to be educational in nature and helpful to consumers for making decisions about pesticide use.
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Mattress Cover
“the only mattress cover in the world in which the inner lining is treated with 100% organic Fresh Water , Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  formula that controls & kills Bedbugs”                   
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