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..Field Tested In Extreme 

          Bed Bug Environments

The Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover field tested in many of the worst bed bug infestations in the country; Housing Projects, Homeless Shelters, Children’s Foster Homes, Section 8 Apartments, Southern County Prison Systems (Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana),  Some of the buildings may look abandoned, but believe it or not people do live in them.
We worked very closely with community groups and others who would pass out our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to drug addicts living in crack houses infested with Bed Bugs. This afford also is to keep them from spreading Bed Bugs in that local area.     
Important Note: Please keep in mind that anyone can get bed bugs, rich and poor. Clean apartment or dirty apartment. In this case we wanted to test our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers under the most extreme bed bug infestations available in the world.
The 1st photo below is that of a skeleton of a dead dog that was laying in the front lobby of a drug crack apartment building. The dead dog had thousands of Bed Bugs feeding (blood meal) on its body. When our staff walks into these buildings to distribute our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to drug addicts living in these very dark and dangerous places, you never know what you might find on the floor …dead decomposed bodies with thousands and thousands of Bed Bugs feeding on them. The second photo is of a women we found living in a crack apartment in bed dead from a drug over dose with thousands of Bed Bugs feeding on her (in the Bed Bug extermination business they call it a Blood Meal).   
We also tested our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover in some of the worst, dirtiest hotels/motels known for prostitution, drugs, and vagrants and of course bed bugs. What we find is that when a customer (or “John” which they are often called) use the services of a prostitute in one of these hotel/motels infested with bed bugs, they often bring the bed bug problem back to their families, there by helping to spread the bed bug problem in that local community. Now there are bed bug websites like BedBugHealthDept.com that are sending Post Cards to the homes of arrested  “Johns” warning there family members that he has just been arrested at a Hotel/Motel infested with bed bugs and may have brought the bed bug problem to their home. On A Side Note: We have also tested our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers in these types of households also… and sometimes offered free Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to the families – We guess you can’t blame the whole family for the dumb mistake that their father is doing out there.        
Our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers was tested in the filthiest Bed Bug Infested Children's Social Care Homes in the United States, Canada, Bulgaria, China and India. The children suffer a variety of problems including sleeping on bed bug infested mattresses. Many are blind or deaf and some are unable to leave their beds, many are plainly wasting away. Dumped into the hands of the staff at these institutions, these children inhabit a bleak heartless world, so devoid of normal everyday stimulus that many have taken to rocking slowly and constantly in their chairs just for something to do. Most of these abandoned children are called "bed-ridden".  The staff simply leaves them in their beds all day and by night suffers extreme Bed Bug bites. Just one child can get 400 to 600 bed bug bites in one night! There rooms and beds are not given any bed bug treatments and well as no physiotherapy or any other treatment. Abandoned Children Are The Most Vulnerable And Most Frequent Victims of Bed Bug Bites, Brutality, Sickness, Starvation And Death. On A Side Note: We at the Bed Bug Bag Company often give out free Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to Children's Social Care Homes in the United States, Canada and around the world. Part of our bed bug bag mattress cover sales helps us do this.        
United States, Canada, Bulgaria, China and India
Mattress Cover
“the only mattress cover in the world in which the inner lining is treated with 100% organic Fresh Water , Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth   formula that controls & kills Dust Mice                   
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“Your purchase of a Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover will not only protect yourself and your family from Bed Bugs, but also a Homeless Child somewhere out there”     
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This baby was dumped in front of a homeless baby center in a Box filled with Bed Bugs and 300 bed bug bites