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 Bed Bugs on the Bed - Stains and Feces Bed bugs are messy eaters, and even messier digesters. It’s common for them to leave trails of feces or blood stains on sheets and pillows. Blood stains are small red sposts, often left in trails. They are usually from bed bugs spitting up some of the blood that they had been drinking, or from them being crushed by people rolling over in their sleep. Close-up of an adult bed bug, and a cluster of feces. Click Photos to Enlarge. Feces are particularly common — they are usually thin black spots or streaks, composed of digested blood that was excreted by the bed bugs as they returned to their hideout. To confirm that the mark is from a bed bug, try dabbing it with a wet paper towel; it should leave a red smudge. Close-up of molted skins and blood stains There are 5 stages of development during a bed bug’s maturity. During each stage, a bed bug will molt their skin to make room for a larger skin, like a snake. The skins will be transparent with a gold or amber tint. Since the skin is part of the bed bug’s exoskeleton, it retains the shape and size of the bug pretty well, including its legs and joints. Close-up of bed bugs and molted shells The bed bugs themselves are reddish-brown and oval-shaped. They have six legs, small front wings, and no rear wings. They’re very small, usually only a few millimeters long, and are decorated with dark bands. If a bed bug has recently fed on its host, a deep red tint will show through its transparent skin.  
Bed Bug Feces After a blood meal, bed bugs often aggregate together in clusters around the room including along the seams of mattresses, along the edges of carpets, furniture, inside walls and other cracks and crevices. While hiding in these clusters, bed bugs accumulate fecal matter, leftover bed bug skins and live or hatched eggs. These clusters, once developed, are easy to spot making identification of an infestation more obvious. Bed bug fecal matter is dark in color made up of digested blood from their host. Bed bug feces is smooth to the touch unlike roach feces, which is more granular in feel. The fecal matter is easy to smear and can quickly stain mattresses, sheets, drapes, furniture, sofas and chairs. Below are some bed bug feces pictures. Below: (Bed bugs and their feces inside a television stand) Click Photos to Enlarge. Below: (Close-up of bed bugs and their fecal matter along the edges of carpet).  Below: (Close-up of bed bugs and smeared bed bug feces along the seams of a mattress) A hot spot for finding bed bugs and bed bug feces is along the seams of the mattress. The seams and tufts of a mattress provide an ideal hiding spot for bed bugs to thrive and wait for their next blood meal. This is another reason why certified bed bug encasements are so important during treatment and for prevention (encasements help remove cracks and crevices on and in mattress and box springs). As illustrated in the picture, the fecal matter left behind by bed bugs can easily smear leaving behind dark marks on whatever it comes in contact with.
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Bed Bugs?

Can Bed Bugs Transmit HIV/AIDS From One Person to Another ?
Bed Bugs filled with blood can burst easily, so should I wear gloves as you could be exposed to human blood when checking for them? Also, what should I do if you had blood from a bedbug splashed on you ?
The possibility of transmission HIV/AIDS by bed bugs is controversial. There have been studies of possible HIV transmission by bed bugs. Dr. Webb and colleagues found that HIV could be detected in bed bugs up to 8 days after exposure to highly concentrated virus.
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