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Bed Bugs: the sickest sexual freak in your bed ?

”theBedBugBag will put a stop to all the Bed Bug Sexual activity that is going on in your Bed”
[You are the only one who should have fun in your bed … not Bed Bugs!]
The Bed Bug Bag formula helps cause confusion for the Male bed bug in which he can tell the female bed bug from the male bed bug. When a bed bug is looking for a female sexual partner, he very often mistakenly have sex with a male bed bug. The DE in our formula in our Bed Bug Bags helps in the confusion, their by helping to cut down on the bed bug population in your bed!.
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“the only mattress cover in the world in which the inner lining is treated with 100% organic Fresh Water , Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  formula that controls & kills Bed Bugs                   
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The Bed Bug’s Penis curves out from the tip of the male’s abdomen and ends in a wicked point, like a dagger.
theBedBugBag formula which contains Diatomaceous  Earth, destroys the male bed Bug’s penis. 
the DE in our formula destroy the male bed bugs penis. The sharp edges of DE scratches and cuts off his penis.
Ultra Close-Ups Videos of our DE Formula Cutting off the Male Bed Bug’s Penis!
Ultra Close-Ups Videos of our DE Formula Cutting off the Male Bed Bug’s Penis in Your Bed!
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