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2014 AWARD  Customer Service   Berlin Germany Berlin Germany Mattress Cover R R Eazy Steps Solution 3 “for Landlords” ....and to solve your Bed Bug Headaches Forever
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R Eazy Steps Solution 3 “for Landlords” You the Landlord Our System Your Happy Tenets! or property manager Discounted Products, Posters, 24-hour Support Team, Bed Bug Cash/Rewards incentives, Bed Bug email warning/complaint system, Live Custom In-building Webinars and much more….  Bed Bug Service Code Numbers and 24-Hour Online Support Link/ 12-Midnight Hotline. All with how-to videos/movies, webinars and more, showing your tenants how to kill and keep their apartments clean of bed bugs. Saving you (the Landlord) Thousands of Dollars In Bed Bug Bills “Our Exclusive incentive also works in keeping Your Good Tenants from Moving Out because of Bed Bugs!”
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