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The Bed Bug Bag-Mattress Cover that Kills and Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Mattress -  Fast & Non-Toxic Formula
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Our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover Kills, Dehydrates, Suffocates and Starvation of Bed Bugs & Bed Bug Eggs - Safe for Children & Pets
 Bed Bug Bites and Scars
“We understand the stress the comes with having bedbugs at home and the effect it can have on your job due to lack of sleep”
We have added in our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers, fragrance oil found in remote parts of the world, such as the mountains of Peru and the jungles of Brazil. These Zen-Like Fragrance Oils helps relief the stress,anxiety and sleeplessness of having bedbugs. By infusing these natural remedies locals have been using for 400 years, our mattress cover can transcend your home with relaxing fragrances to infuse better health and wellness.
Caution: Contains Graphic Images
YOU can save a baby starting TONIGHT from bedbugs and a life time of bedbug scars some bites leave on their skin.
Our Bed Bug Bag donations to Homeless Children & Baby Shelters  are made through our unique “theBag4Babiesprogram 
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“the only mattress cover in the world in which the inner lining is treated with 100% organic Fresh Water , Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  formula that controls & kills Bedbugs”                   

Imported From Königs Wusterhausen Germany - 90 Years

of “Hand Treated” Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers

All of our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers are made in Königs Wusterhausen Germany, a small town known  for their “Hand Treated” Bed Bug Bags for over 90 years.   100% Organic – Diatomaceous Earth found in Fresh water lake deposits in the United States, Europe. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, organic way to control & kill Bed Bugs Diatomaceous Earth kills by physical action, not chemical. It is safe for pets and people  No fumes or offensive odors.
#1 In Europe..Imported From Germany. First Time Available In The USA
“a very popular item in Europe & Asia”
2014 AWARD  Customer Service   Berlin Germany Berlin Germany EPA 100% Organic pesticide free - 10x More Concentrated   Guaranteed To Work - Lifetime Guarantee!   24-Hour Bed Bug Tech Support | 12-Midnight Bed Bug Help Hotline Same Results Delivered By Pest Service without Evacuation Bed Bug Bags are “Hand Treated” 100% Non-Toxic Formula EPA  100% Natural Formula Mattress Cover
2 MUST WATCH VIDEOS: New 2014 Controversial Bed Bug videos Banned by most Apartment Building Owners Assoc., Co-op and Condominium Management Companies, Real Estate Moguls (including Donald Trump) and others.
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Do You Know if the Person Living Next Door To You Have Bed Bugs?
There are many ways Bed Bugs can get into your Apartment or House. But according to a recent study conducted by some of the top exterminating companies, 60% of the people who have Bed Bugs got them from their next door neighbor. It does not matter if you live in a stand-alone single family home and your neighbor lives on the other side of your driveway …. Bed Bugs can travel 100 feet an hour AND THEY DO CROSS DRIVEWAYS! 
You Must Protect You & Your Family From your Neighbors’ Next Door To YOU The Majority of people living next door to YOU are not going to tell you that they have bed bugs! ONLY until you walk into your child’s room the next morning and find this....                         
“I'm in a stand-alone single family home We don't know how we got our bed bugs. The house next door, completely separated from our house by a shared driveway (approx 7 feet wide) had a bad bed bug infestation. The exterminator was allowed to check inside our neighbors house and found that the house was full of bed bugs. He also found a few bed bugs in our shared driveway. The only way we really found out is when we walked into the bed room and found our newborn baby with bed bug bites on her face, back of head and genital area. When my husband and I found bed bug bites on my baby girls vagina, we both totally freaked-out!” 
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“The Bed Bug Bag is the only Mattress Cover In The World that has “100% Organic Diatomaceous Earth” to kill bed bugs 24/7 while you are sleeping!”
When you purchase a Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover from us, our company  will Donate a FREE Bed Bug Bag to a Homeless Baby living in a Bedbug infested city shelter. Some children are being bitten by bedbugs 60 to 300 bites in one night! - Babies are an easy feed for bedbugs
Attention: NEW! Very Important Video Study of what Bed Bugs are doing to Your Children Tonight! And the Children & Babies living in Homeless Shelters
Caution: Video Study Contains Live Graphic Images of Bed Bugs Feeding on Babies & Children
With bedbugs no one in your family is safe from the bed bug epidemic. That also includes dogs, cats, birds and all other warm- blooded pets in your household. *If your pet is bitten by bed bugs, it always starts from your bed. * To protect your Pet from bed bugs, always start with “Your Bed”. Bed Bugs can spread from your mattress to your Pet Very Quickly.
Bed Bugs Will Attack Your Pet
Dogs and cats can carry bed bugs around on them. Bed bugs do not physically attach themselves to cats and dogs, such as ticks, but they can take a ride.
Would you believe that bed bugs attacked this Pet!
The owner of this exotic pet lives in Hawaii. He took this pet to a vet and found out he had 20 to 30 bed bug bites on its legs, neck and body. That’s Right..... when bed bugs are hungrey for blood they are not affred of any pet in your home. Bed Bugs will even go after any rats and mice in your home.
Very important Video - Protect Your Pet from BedBugs: Please Watch
Bed Bugs Spread Fast in Building
342,784+ Tenets Evicted for Bed Bugs!
A video testimonial of how bed bugs can cause people to panic and urgency in an apartment building.  
As part of our plan to help this building solve its Bed Bug problem, we provided FREE full- color Bed Bug Bag Posters that they could place on all floors of the building. The poster informs all residents of the building how to identify bed bugs and how to control and kill them.
Through the Bed Bug Bag website we had FREE Live webinars and on-line videos on how to stop bed bugs in your apartment & building.
All building residents could watch the live webinars on their computers in their apartments. Also offered special discounts for our Bed Bug Bag Mattress Covers to the people of her building.
“I am in my 3rd month at the new apartment and I have just noticed that I was itching. I did an inspection and sure enough there are bedbugs crawling on my bed. I imminently emailed my apartment manager to let her know. The day before the exterminator was to come and treat my apartment, I received a Notice to Quite taped to my door telling me that according to my lease the bedbugs gave the landlord the right to terminate my lease giving me 10 days to move out. Can my landlord tell the tenants of this building that they must report bedbugs if found in your apartment and then throw you out on the street for reporting it ??”
Can my landlord evict me for reporting bedbugs?
Can I be evicted from my apartment for having a bed bug infestation?
More and more Americans say they moved because they were evicted by their landlords for having a bed bug infestation and now live in a worse house with more people, new Census data show. •The number of households that moved in the past year because they were evicted for having a Bed Bug Infestation soared 127% to 191,000. • 202,000 households, or 14% of those who were evicted for bed bug infestation in the past year, said they're in a worse home or apartment then before. Also, 10% said they're in a worse neighborhood.
Landlords can force you to throw out your furniture, bed and other personal items because of bed bugs.
If you have Bed Bugs Landlords will look for any reason to evict you from their building. For example, late on rent payment.
Viewer Discretion Advised
Can a landlord evict you if your Pet Carries Bed Bugs?
You can catch and bring home Bed Bugs from anywhere including a Bus, Train, Taxi, Subway, Friends/Family Members, Restrooms, Workplace/Co-workers and many other places.
Note: The end of this home video may shock you, but over 5,000 people (59% White, 15% Black, 18% Latino, 4% Asian, 4% other races) have done this all because of their Bed Bug infestation problem.
Note:This is a New and very controversial video study of what Bed Bugs are doing to people’s bodies while they are sleeping, partially babies. This video does not sugar coat anything … it gives it to you straight. Bed Bugs just don’t bite & suck the blood from your arms, but also your Face, Men’s & Boy’s Penis/Genitals, around the Women’s & Girl’s Vagina – anywhere the bed bugs can get to & suck blood as their meal.    
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“the only mattress cover in the world in which the inner lining is treated with 100% organic Fresh Water , Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  formula that controls & kills Bedbugs”                   
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Women Only! Important Video of the Damage Bed Bugs Can Do to YOUR SKIN (face, neck, arms).
Men Only!: Bed Bugs can break up your relationships and put a complete stop to your sex life. No women want to date a man with bed bug bites on their arms and face.   Click the Video!
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We pick only the best products that will work well with our bed bug bags…
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Any new Bed Bug product that we feel works well with theBedBugBag mattress covers is listed in our Bed Bug Bag Lab section. These are products that we highly recommend you use with our Bed Bug Bag mattress covers. Our Bed Bug Bag kills the bed bugs that is in your mattress and box spring. The bed bug products that we recommend takes care of any bed bugs that might be hiding in other parts of your bedroom.
We put these products through 85 tests in some of the worst bed bug infestations around the world.
All products Tested in Bed Bug Infested children’s shelters, foster homes, housing around the world.
We have our top exterminators in the field test these products and if they work well with our Bed Bug Bag mattress covers
“ Paul, the Exterminator”
Bed Bug Infested Amtrak/AcelaTrain Sleeping Cars
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Your parents living in Bed Bug infested senior citizen housing [but they keep it quiet].
Please Note: The Bed Bug Bag Mattress Cover field tested in many of the worst bed bug infestations in the country; Housing Projects, Homeless Shelters, Children’s Foster Homes, Section 8 Apartments, Southern County Prison Systems (Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana),     
Field Tested In Extreme Bed Bug Environments
Bed Bug Monitors/Traps:
Bed Bug Kits::
Bed Bug Sprays:
Bed Bug Kit #3       Bed Bug Kit #2            New York Bed Bug Kit           Bed Bug Kit Commercial Bed Bug Kit #1                 All Natural Bed Bug Kit
Bedlam Insecticide Spray         Phantom Aerosol                           Temprid Ready Spray
All highly recommended tested products Click Links for details/order
Eazy Steps Solution 3 “For Killing BBs Fast!”
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